Ekklesia Reach Capabilities

Ekklesia Reach has a team with 39 years of experience in Media. Our team is fluent with all forms of media in every SMSA in the United States. Great media buying must start with a great media plan. Here’s the process that Ekklesia Reach utilizes for media buys that deliver successful results for the client. Ekklesia Reach is fluent with all forms of consumer media; Digital, Social, Broadcast, Cable, Radio, Podcasting, Endorsement, Outdoor and Digital video OTT. 

Media Planning is the foundation of understanding the client’s needs and executing effective media buying against those needs. The plan answers the “who, what, when where and why” of a campaign.

Each media buy should answer the objectives and goals of the media plan.

Media Plans consists of the following:

  • Media Objective
  • Target
  • Media Strategies
    • Target Audience
    • Geographics
    • Seasonality
    • Communication Goals
    • Media Selection or Recommendation

Media Strategies are non-negotiable. All media selected much delver these goals and objectives. All media selection and recommendations are based on meeting the criteria of the media strategies. Once the media meets the requirements then price negotiation occurs. Ekklesia Reach negotiates for the best price for the “best” media that meets all the media strategy. It’s easy to buy “cheap”. It’s harder to buy the “best” media that delivers the strategies for the client at the best price. If you spend too little, you spend too much.

Media Objective: This defines what the end results of the client campaign should be.  It’s a purpose statement for the client and campaign. This statement determines if the campaign is a branding or awareness campaign, a grand opening, versus a direct response or “call to action” campaign.

Target: This defines the target audience for the client’s consumer. Every media purchased should deliver this target objective. Targets should be defined demographically, qualitatively and with psychographics.  An example; Men, 55+ who have portfolios over 1 million and play golf, attend sporting events and have families.

Geographics: What is the marketing area of the product or service. Is it citywide, statewide or the Southwest region? This has to be determined for maximum results.